We’ve been working hard on creating projects that show the Elements of Art. Keep practicing your knowledge of COLOR, LINE and SHAPE at home with your families! Grab scrap paper, cardboard boxes, magazines or old newspapers and start creating!
Feel free to email me any pictures of your "At Home Art"!

Happy June! I can't believe that this year is almost over. I miss seeing all of you and creating with you every week.

This week I encourage you to create an art piece that can be shared with others to brighten up their day or simply to spread kindness. You can pick a project from this list that maybe you missed, you can re-create your favorite piece that we did when we were together, or you can start a brand new art piece. Maybe make a card to send to your neighbor, attach a picture of your creation to an email to a family member you've been missing or create a positive message on your sidewalk in chalk. 

To those of you in 4th grade, I wish you the best of luck at Bell Oaks. You will do great things! 
To the rest of my artists, I look forward to creating with you in the fall. 

*Bug Rocks : On your next walk, collect a rock or two to transform into bugs. Use paint or Sharpies for your design! 

*Create fingerprint bugs! Use any kind of paint to fill your paper with your fingerprints. When it is dry, add wings, legs and antennae to create bugs and insects!

*Coffee Filter Butterfly : Use markers to decorate a coffee filter. Lightly spray water on the filter and watch the colors blend together! When it is dry, use a clothes pin, rubber band or pipe cleaner to pinch and create a butterfly. 

*Visit to draw with Mr. Rob

*Gather household materials to create your own color wheel.

*Go on a Color Wheel Scavenger Hunt! Next time you go for a walk, see if you can spot objects to create a color wheel!

*Create a "Name Rainbow": Write your name in bubble letters and give the background a rainbow design. I used markers to design different line or pattern for each color. 

*Create a "Drippy Rainbow" : Using materials of your choice, draw 'drippy' lines. Use your knowledge of the Color Wheel to color the sections in order!

*Create a Fancy Rainbow : Put a twist on your regular rainbow drawing by using different designs or materials for each color in the rainbow. I drew a rainbow using Sharpie, then chose different lines and patterns to fill in each color!

*Create a Pop Art Word : What are some sounds you may hear in space?
(zip, zoom, bam, woosh)
Pick a word and use bubble letters and materials of your choice to make it POP!

*Create an EMOJI using warm or cool colors. Design the background using the opposite colors of the emoji.

*Secondary Color Hunt : Use old magazines, menus, newspapers to find and cut out objects or words that are purple, green and orange.

*Create a picture using only one secondary color. See how many different shades of that one color you can use in your picture by using different art materials (markers, scrap paper, crayons, paint, even nail polish!).

*Create and play a game of ART MEMORY. Use paper or cardboard to make the memory cards using different shapes or lines we've used in class. Put each image on two cards. Challenge a family member to play!

*Create Primary Color collages using objects from your house! Pick a primary color and hunt for as many objects as you can that are that color.

 *Go for a nature walk and collect materials to create art!

*Challenge yourself to complete the BINGO board from your Special Area teachers!
We miss you all!

Special Area Bingo

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