Homework Assignments

Room 14 General Daily Homework Assignments:

Please find specific assignments for each day in Student Agenda Books.

  1. 100 Book Challenge:
    • Read for a minimum of 15 minutes every night. SIGN 1 LINE FOR EVERY 15 MINUTES OF READING on the 100 Book Challenge Reading Log, with a parent/guardian signature and date.

  2. Comprehension Practice:
    • Every Monday, a short story will be sent home with some basic comprehension questions. Please help your child read and answer the questions as needed and return the following day.

  3. Fundations:
    • There will be a worksheet sent home 2 or 3 days (usually Tuesdays and Thursdays) for the students to practice the skills taught in class.

  4. Reader Response:
    • Every Wednesday the Homework notebook will be sent home. The notebook will have Reader Response questions and/or prompts for the students to respond to a 100 Book Challenge book. The response needs to be at least 5 complete sentences. Please guide your child to the questions/prompts appropriate for the type/genre of book they are reading.

  5. Math:
    • A HomeLinks page, or occasionally, a math worksheet that coincides with the daily lesson or is a review from a previous lesson, will be assigned and expected to be completed and returned the following day.

  6. Rocket Math:
    • A Rocket Math paper will be sent home daily and the top half only is expected to be completed for homework. The bottom half will be the assessment in school the following day.

  7. Other:
    • Return all important papers!
    • Return Humphrey Summer Packets & Summer Book Exchange Books!
    • Remember to sign up for REMIND 101!