Curriculum Overview


      Students begin writing each day in their Reflection Journals, where we’re are able to get our brain geared towards writing.

      Mini lessons & modeled writing will follow our

      Students work through the writing process to create narrative, informational, and opinion writing pieces 

      Graded by district rubric

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·       Reading Curriculum – Benchmark Series

·        Each day we begin with a whole class instruction followed by literacy stations and small group.

·        Small group allows the students to work closely with the teacher, so that specific needs can be met.

·        “Novel Studies” – we will also read various “novel” books as a class throughout the year. We will read, discuss, review, and connect in class each day.


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·        This year we will be utilizing the Go Math program

·        Your child will usually have math homework every night

·        In place of Rocket Math, students will be using  Parents received their log-in on back to school night. If you would like your child’s log-in, please email me.

·       *PLEASE* have your child begin learning multiplication facts now – they must be mastered in 4th grade! Practice every night with flash cards, as well as in class/at home practice with

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Social Studies
        This year we will study: The Revolutionary War and The Constitution, Regions of the United States, Regions of New Jersey, and Native American in and outside of New Jersey·         

·        We will also do special projects throughout the year.
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·We will be utilizing the TCI science program that includes many online resources        

· We will participate in many student led investigations to explore various science topics. 
 We will also do special projects throughout the year.

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