Curriculum Overview


  • Students begin writing each day in their Reflection Journals, where we’re able to get our brains geared towards writing.
  • Mini lessons & modeled writing will follow our
  • Students work through the writing process to create narrative, speculative, expository, and procedural writing, among many others.
  • First writing piece is a personal narrative.
  • Graded by district rubric



  • Benchmark Series
  • Each day we begin with a whole class instruction followed by literacy stations and small group.
  • Small group allows the students to work closely with the teacher, so that specific needs can be met.
  • Students will have twenty spelling words weekly.
  • Spelling homework activities are located on the Speller’s Choice monthly list! (you can also find spellers choice and spelling lists on my website.
  • “Novel Studies” – we will also read various “novel” books as a class throughout the year.
  • We will read, discuss, review, and connect in class each day.
  • Novels:
  • MP1: A School Story by Andrew Clements
  • MP2: The Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes
  • MP3: Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick
  • MP4: Mr. Popper’s Penguins by Richard Atwater


  • Our math program is called Go Math
  • Your child will usually have math homework every night
  • Most homework will be in the form of a handout, but occasionally students will have homework in their Everyday Math Studylinks Book.
  • In place of Rocket Math, students will be using received their log-in on back to school night. If you would like your child’s log-in, please email me.
  • *PLEASE* have your child begin learning multiplication facts now – they must be mastered in 4th grade! Practice every night with flash cards, as well as in class/at home practice with

Social Studies:

  • This year we will study: The Revolutionary War and The Constitution, Regions of the United States, Regions of New Jersey, and Native American in and outside of New Jersey·.
  • We will also do special projects throughout the year.


  • The topics we will cover this year are: Animals, Systems of the Body, Solar System, Matter and its properties, and the Water Cycle.
  • We will participate in labs, smart board interactive activities, partner/team/independent work.
  • We will also do special projects throughout the year.