Enter/Exit Process

Parent / Guardian Drop off and pick up process


Important Information:

August 18, 2017

Dear Parents/Guardians of Bellmawr Park Student(s),

Welcome back to school!  We have been working all summer making many improvements to the buildings and grounds to enhance or upgrade, as well as provide a safer environment for our learning community. 

In an effort to make drop-off and pick-up safer and easier for you and the members of our community, we will continue with our improved procedures as follows:

8:50 a.m. Preschool Drop Off Time

All staff, including teachers and paraprofessionals, will be assigned to various drop off/pick up locations to assist students as they exit vehicles and enter school grounds.  They will be monitored by staff as they walk to and enter the building.  If students arrive after the 9:00 late bell, please report with your child to the Early Childhood Center main office.

Enclosed you will find color cards to place on your dashboard indicating your parking lot with drop off/pick up/loop directions.  Students in the following classrooms will use the yellow lot:

Mrs. Portela, Mrs. Schultz, Ms. Creek, Ms. Farrell, Ms. Busch, Mrs. Parsons, Ms. Freeman

Students in the following classrooms will use the blue lot:  Mrs. Snyder, Mrs. McCann

If your preschool child has siblings in grades K through Four, you will drop off those siblings by 8:35 and then you may park in the open spots in the yellow lot on the street side until the 8:50 preschool arrival time.  You will receive an additional green placard to place on your dashboard to permit parking here.  (enclosed)

A name tag will be issued to your child at orientation which is August 30, 9:00 to 10:00 a.m.  Please send your child in wearing the name tag for the first week of school.  If this is your Preschool student’s first school experience, please remember to take pictures at orientation.    

2:50 p.m. Preschool Pick Up Time

If your child does not have older siblings they will be picked up in the lot designated by classroom teacher- stated above.

If your preschool child has siblings in grades K through Four, they will exit with their older siblings at 3:00 p.m. in the yellow parking lot.  These directions are enclosed.

Please see our webpage and Facebook page for additional directions including photographs of the parking lot and a video of the drop off/pick up/loop procedures.

Thank you for your patience as the first week new families are learning these procedures and car lines may run a little slower.  We look forward to greeting you the first 2 days of school, which are September 7 & 8, and both are early dismissal days with pick up time being 12:25 for preschool and 12:35 for K-4.


Elizabeth A. Calabria

Elizabeth A. Calabria


PROCEDURES for Drop off/Pick-up:

The Drop off/arrival areas will be: PK-4 students with siblings will use the same entrance as their YOUNGEST sibling.

If your youngest child is-

* in a PK classroom in the Early Childhood Center you will use the front Yellow lot.

* in a PK classroom in the main building [Snyder and Reuss] or in a Kindergarten classroom you will use the the Blue lot in the back of the building on Essex Avenue next to the gym.

Preschool parents with older siblings may park in the yellow lot with their green tag to wait until the 8:50 entrance time.

* in Grades 1 & 2 use the front Yellow lot.

* in Grades 3 & 4 use the side lot on Essex- Red lot.

*Students in the CARE program will still use the same door in the the back of the building on Essex Avenue next to the gym for entrance and exit.

The pick-up/dismissal areas or lots will also be designated by the youngest sibling as stated above.