Educational Links

Below are descriptions of each link:

Everfi - Students can go to Mr. DiCiano's Virtual Classroom to do the activities after logging in with the classroom code:  a3a848d3   The link below it (Everfi Registration Directions) provides directions on how the children can register and log on to the website. 

Origami Heart Project - Watch a video on how to make an origami heart create by me!  After creating the heart, write or draw something in it you miss as we continue our quarantine to beat Covid-19.  If you send me a picture of you with your heart I will post it on my webpage in the Photo Album section.  My email address is

Talking With Your Children About Covid-19
- Information from the CDC

Safety Measures for Coronavirus
- Video from the CDC designed for child understanding of the Coronavirus (Covid-19)

"Time to Come in Bear" (Read by: Mr. DiCiano) - A story about dealing with the Covid-19 outbreak.

The Institute for Responsible Online and Cellphone Communication - As the title suggests, this website is geared towards helping parents and children better understand how to responsibly use technology.

Controlling Stressful Energy - relaxing the body video

Calm Breathing - Sesame Street video on how to breathe when angry or stressed

- This is a website is designed to help elementary school children understand the dangers of the online world.  It has many games, videos, and activities!

Pass It On - This is an inspirational website full of public service announcements.

Pacer Kids - This is an Anti-Bullying website that has some interactive elements for students.