We’ve been working hard on creating projects that show the Elements of Art. Keep practicing your knowledge of COLOR, LINE and SHAPE at home with your families! Grab scrap paper, cardboard boxes, magazines or old newspapers and start creating!
Feel free to email me any pictures of your "At Home Art"!

Art Challenges for the week of March 30th:

*Go for a nature walk and collect materials to create art!
environmental artists

*Create a positive message or picture and hang it on your front door for neighbors to see! 
Birmingham kids spread hopeful, multicolor message to neighbors ...

*Use chalk to design your sidewalk with lines and bright colors!
Ames Joins International 'Chalk the Walks' Event Planned on Aug ...

*Challenge yourself to complete the BINGO board from your Special Area teachers!
We miss you all!

Special Area Bingo

Click Here To Download

Past Challenges: 
*Use VERTICAL and HORIZONTAL lines to create a picture of your favorite place to visit!
*Create a garden scene and use at least 5 different LINES to add detail and designs to your flowers!
*Draw your favorite animal using only NEUTRAL colors! Get silly and add pajamas to that animal!
*Pick a SHAPE. Create a delicious dessert using only that shape.
*Paint or draw on a surface that isn’t paper (try newspaper or cereal boxes!)
*Create a COLOR WHEEL using objects around your house!
*Draw a picture or use one from a magazine and cut it to create a