Supply List
Dear Kindergarten Parents,
We are so excited to haveyour child next year in 1st grade! Here is the supply for next year. Welook forward to meeting you at Back to School Night in September! Enjoythe summer break!
Supplies- Thank you for helping to prepare your child for 1st grade!
1 composition book of choice (Homework Copy Book)
2 take-home folders of choice
1 pair of scissors (Fiskars are best)
1 box of 24 crayons
1 box 12 washable markers
10 Dry erase markers
1 pencil case
8 Glue sticks
Several sharpened pencils
Several pencil eraser caps
New plain white T-Shirt (class project)
Box of tissues
Container of Baby Wipes
Anydonation of cleaning wipes and Ziploc bags would be greatlyappreciated! We thank you in advance for your support and cooperationand look forward to a wonderful and exciting year with your child!