4th Grade Supply List

Bellmawr Park Fourth Grade Supply List

Students will need the following items for this school year:

  • 1 pair of Earbuds or headphones
  • 1 five subject notebook with pocket dividers 
  • Large eraser and pencil top erasers
  • 2-3 yellow highlighters
  • At least one of the following
    • Crayons (24 pack or less)
    • Colored Pencils (24 pack or less)
    • Markers (24 pack or less)
  • 5 packs of Post-It notes (any color)
  • 3 Glue sticks
  • 1 durable coated folder (for take home) – May be decorated
  • 3 packs of #2 pencils
  • Soft zipper pencil case (*There is no room for a hard pencil box*)
  • 1 pack of index cards
  • 3 packs 4-6 Fine-tip low odor, black Expo Markers (whiteboard markers)
  • Scissors
  • Small dry erase eraser

    Additional items that may be needed in the classroom throughout the school year include:

Disinfecting wipes

Baby wipes

Snack bags


Post-It Notes



Hand Sanitizer


Please feel free to donate any of the items listed.  The fourth grade teachers greatly appreciate them!

Cup Of Pencils.png