Please find the specific assignments for each day in Student Agenda Books.
1.  100 Book Challenge
Read for a minimum of 15 minutes every night. Sign 1 LINE FOR EVERY 15 MINUTES OF READING on the 100 Book Challenge Reading Log, with a parent/guardian signature and date.
2.  studyladder.com
Each student will get a login and password to access studyladder.com, which will be assigned at least once a week.  The students are able to complete assigned tasks OR complete any activity they choose to practice both math and reading skills at the level they feel comfortable with.  

3.  xtramath.com
Each student will get a login and password to access xtramath.com, which will be completed daily in class and assigned at least once a week for homework.  This website allows for students to practice and master addition and subtraction facts in a timely manner.  

4.  Fundations
Occasionally, there will be a worksheet sent home for the students to practice the skills taught in class. 
5.  Comprehension Practice 
Every Monday, a short story will be sent home with some basic comprehension questions.  Please help your child read and answer the questions as needed and return the following day.
6.  Math Practice
Occasionally, a math worksheet that coincides with the daily lesson, or is a review from a previous lesson, will be assigned and expected to be completed and returned the following day.