My Dear Students, 

I'm missing all of your smiling faces and the fun we have reading together in school! To keep in touch, I enrolled all of you on Kids A-Z, and I'll be adding lots of fun activities to this web page. Try to check out some "Links" I already had posted on my website; more will be added under this "Remote Learning" section. My office hours each weekday are from 1-3, and I'll be checking email often. I can provide instructional support and set up a Zoom Meeting or FaceTime call if you'd like some help or want to chat. Looking forward to hearing from you! 

Mrs. DiPrinzio


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3/30/20 PowerPoint Video Mini-Lesson: Allusion
Examples of Allusion in Fairy Tales, Children's books, & Conversation

Grade 4 folder includes:
1. Each of your friends' favorite LLI books for you to read about; I added LINKS that connect with each book. (Scroll down to the bottom of each opinion piece your friends wrote and published!)
2. I also posted a concept web for the book Spit that most of you brought home over the break. Try your own concept web @ Read,Write,
Link to Interactive Mapping Tool
 You can make a web about a book or anything you'd like!
Video Recording:
Link to read-aloud of Spit book
Grade 3 Link to Biography:
Henry's Freedom Box
How would you describe Henry "Box" Brown? 
How is this true story organized? 

Grade 2 Link  - Read Along with this Eric Carle book:
The Tiny Seed
Which parts of this book are Nonfiction? Fiction? How can you tell?
Use your background knowledge to compare what you already knew about seeds and plants to the new information you learn from this book!

Check out these links from Mrs.Calabria: